Buying Guide

How to choose the right fit and make a considered purchase for
your child's glasses.

Buying Online

Buying your child's glasses online is easier than you think. Follow the steps below to get started.


Help your child choose the right frames.

You’ll find a curated range of unisex frames in a variety of colours and 2 sizes. Use our Virtual Try On to try them all! Once you know the style, it’s time to pick a size. You can use our age guide as a reference or you can check the inside arm of your child’s current glasses.

You’ll find a series of 3 numbers that refer to the size of the glasses. Match these as best you can for the same fit.


Upload your child’s prescription.

To add single-vision prescription lenses to your child's glasses, you’ll need a valid copy of your child's script. Enter your child’s prescription into the required fields, or simply upload the prescription and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll also need your child’s PD (Pupillary Distance). This is sometimes on the script. If you can’t find it, no need to worry. There are several ways to attain your child’s PD. Head here to find out how.

If your child needs progressive or multifocal lenses, you can take your augie frames to your local optometrist and have them complete the lenses. Any optometrist can complete lenses for our augie frames.


Choose your lenses.

All lenses include a scratch resistant coating. Additional lens upgrades include:

blue light block; and
tinted sun lenses.

These are all available at the checkout. Our lens prices start at $79, depending on the strength of your child's script, you may have to upgrade to a thinner lens. If your child needs multifocal glasses, please select ‘frames only’ at the checkout and take your frames to your local Optometrist for lenses.



You know the drill. Simply enter your delivery and payment details, and you’re done. If you’ve ordered prescription lenses (and we have all the info we need), the lens labs process will take between 5 and 10 days to dispatch.

Frame only orders are dispatched next business day.

Health fund members - you’ll receive an invoice from us with all the relevant information that you can then upload with your provider to make a claim.


We offer 60 day returns and a 12 month warranty on all of our frames and lenses. Read more about our policy here. Plus, we’ve got your back. If your child breaks their glasses in the first 12 months, we offer you a replacement pair for 30% off. Take a look at our Life Happens Policy below for more details and T&C’s.

If you’re not sure, please reach out to us help@augieeyewear.com.au

Our Frames

Designed in-house in Sydney, Australia, our frames are made for comfort and safety as well as style.

They are made from cellulose acetate, which is an extruded material, containing raw materials such as wood pulp. Plus, they are designed to be easily adjustable at home for the perfect fit. All of our glasses feature flexible silicone tips so you or your child can make small adjustments themselves.

If your child has a smaller face, you might find you need to bend the arms right down in a curved shape to hook over the ear. Alternatively, you might need to straighten out the arm to make the fit more comfortable. Our recommendation is to check the fit every few months and reshape the silicone tip when needed, ensuring the eyes are mostly centred in the lens.

We’re expanding our range regularly, if you have a colour request, please drop us a live chat message and we’ll do our best to include it in our range.

Our Lenses

Depending on the strength of your child's script, we offer a range of single vision lenses, both polycarbonate and high index lenses. Here's some info to help you choose the right lens.

All our lenses come with an anti-scratch coating to help protect your child's glasses. You can choose to upgrade to a multi coat, which adds an anti-reflective coating. We also offer Blue Light Block and Sun Protection lenses in both prescription and non-prescription.

Hard Coat Lenses

Hard Coat lenses, also known as CR-39, come with a scratch resistant coating. These are affordable lenses and great for lighter index prescriptions for young kids. Hard Coat lenses are used in our Basic Lens and start from $79.

Multi Coat Lenses

Our Multi Coat Lenses all come with scratch resistant, anti-glare coating and UV protection. These lenses are perfect for higher index prescriptions. Multi Coat Lenses are used in our Premium and High Index and start from $129.

Transition Lenses (Light Responsive)

Transition Lenses adapt to changes in the environment and light. They are fully clear indoors and at night and darken when taken outside into the sunlight. These lenses are convenient for kids and provide great protection for little eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Transition Lenses start from $250.

Sun/UV Lenses

Sunglasses are excellent for kids who love playing outdoors, which is why all augie frames can easily be turned into prescription sunglasses. Ours offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, and are scratch resistant. Prescription Sunglasses lenses start from $99.

Blue Light Block Lenses

All augie frames can have Blue Light Blocking Lenses added.

Why add Blue Light Blocking?

Stay focused for longer - less blue light equals less eye strain which means less sleepy eyes, especially when on digital devices. Sleep better, wake up well-rested! By reducing blue light right before bedtime, children are less likely to wake up during the night and when they sleep better, the whole family wakes up well-rested. Protect them now for later, protecting young eyes from dangerous levels of blue light reduces the likelihood of optical issues down the track.

Blue Light Blocking lenses can be added to all Premium and Hi Index lenses for an additional $50. Not available in our Basic Lens package.

Virtual Try On

Use our fun Virtual Try On to find your favourite style. You can access our Virtual Try On through our website, or through our Instagram. This lets you take a snap and share it with friends too! We developed our Virtual Try-On as a sustainable alternative to a home trail pack, in line with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Click here to get started @augieeyewear

On your desktop

Head to any style to start the try on experience, click the virtual try on button, enter your phone number and start the experience.

Life Happens Policy

We know kids can be really rough with their belongings. We also know they fall over a lot! As they work towards taking care of their belongings, we should give them a chance. augie™ has your back.

If your child accidently breaks an augie™ frame or completely loses their cool and intentionally snaps an arm off it, we’ll give you 30% off a replacement frame within 12 months of the purchase. That's 30% OFF the same frame, within 12 months of purchase. If the same colour is unavailable, we’ll contact you with an alternative.

This policy is an additional benefit. It doesn’t affect your consumer rights. This policy does not apply to any replacement frame.

Still have a question?

Send our team an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.