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Ordering Online

+Does my child need a prescription?
No, you do not require...

No, you do not require a prescription if you are simply looking to buy our stylish frames without lenses. Simply select ‘Frames Only’ when adding to cart. Yes, if you are looking to purchase frames and lenses then you will need your child’s prescription to complete your order. This should have been given to you after a consultation with your eye care professional, in accordance with Australian law. If you don't have a copy, then simply get in touch with your eyecare professional and ask them to supply it.

+Do I need to know my child’s PD?
Yes. This is required by...

Yes. This is required by augie and our optical technicians to fit your child’s lenses accurately and achieve the best level of vision correction. PD, or pupillary distance, is simply the distance between your child’s pupils. It is an important measurement that is used to customise their prescription lenses. If you have obtained a prescription for your child, it may be written on that document. Alternatively, you can accurately measure your child’s PD at home using one of two methods found here

+How does my child try on their glasses?
At augie eyewear we offer...

At augie eyewear we offer a simple and fun way for your child to test out our styles and colours at home through augmented reality. Our virtual try on uses filters within Facebook and Instagram which makes it easy for you and your kid to find their favourite style and share them with family and friends. There are many reasons that we have developed this enjoyable option, however one of the most important reasons is to minimise the shipping of trial products in our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

+What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit...

We accept all major credit cards and some ‘buy now, pay later’ providers.

Shipping and Returns

+How long will it take to get my order?
If you select ‘Frames Only’...

If you select ‘Frames Only’ then they will be dispatched within 48 hours. If you’re are choosing to purchase augie frames and prescription lenses then it may take up to 10 days to dispatch your order, depending on the complexity of your child’s prescription. You will receive a notification to let you know when your order has been dispatched.

+Can I track my delivery?
Yes, you’re able to easily...

Yes, you’re able to easily track your order online through our shipping provider Shippit.

+Can you deliver it to a PO BOX?
Unfortunately we are unable to...

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to PO BOX addresses at this time.

+Does augie offer international shipping?
Yes, we do. There are...

Yes, we do. There are a small number of exclusions, however if you need any clarification or questions then please feel free to reach out to us.

+How do I return my child’s glasses?
Returning your child’s glasses is...

Returning your child’s glasses is a simple process that can be started through our online portal here: Please send to: augie EYEWEAR PO BOX 2470 Taren Point NSW 2229

+How long does take for a return take to be processed?
Our returns will be processed...

Our returns will be processed within a few days, and we will make sure to contact your if we have any questions.

Sizing and Fit

+Does augie offer different sizes?
Yes, we offer two different...

Yes, we offer two different sizes for each of our styles. These are indicated by age with the small typically fitting children from age 3 – 7yrs, and our large for children 8 – 12yrs. The details of these sizes can be seen below, or on each page that you can purchase a different style of augie frames.

+What do the numbers on the size chart mean?
There are three key measurements...

There are three key measurements that show the size of your child’s glasses.

The first number represents the lens width, the second numbers refers to the bridge width, and the last number is the temple arm length.

This is often displayed on the inside of the temple arm, in that order (LW x BW x TAL). Example: Frankie Small 41-19-125

Helpful tip: If your child already has a pair that fits, then comparing them with our Augie size chart will help you find the best fitting style for them.

+How do I choose the right fit?
At augie we understand how...

At augie we understand how important it is to find great fitting glasses for your child which is why we offer multiple sizes per style. In saying that, each style has small variations that will provide a better fit for different children.

Looking at the size chart below you will see three key measurements for the frames to indicate frame size, as well as some notes on each style that will help you choose the right fit. However, if you have any questions please reach out to us as we are always happy to help.

+How do I adjust my child’s frames?
Our glasses are designed to...

Our glasses are designed to ensure that you can easily adjust your child’s glasses at home to get the perfect fit. All of our glasses feature flexible silicon tips so that you or your child can make small adjustments themselves at home or at school.

If they have a smaller face, you might find that you need to bend the arms right down in a curved shape to hook over the ear. Alternatively, you might need to straighten out the arm to make the fit more comfortable.

Our recommendation is to check the fit every few months, and reshape the silicone tip when needed, ensuring the eyes are mostly centred in the lens.


+How do I read my child’s prescription?
Whether it is your first...

Whether it is your first time helping your child with prescription glasses or something you’ve done before, it is important to have an understanding of the numbers and characters on their prescription. The best place to start are the two horizontal rows of your child’s prescription, which are represented as Latin abbreviations;

OD: Right Eye OS: Left Eye

The next step is understanding the vertical columns;

SPH: Sphere This describes the degree of near-sightedness or far-sightedness. Generally speaking, the further away from zero, the more vision correction your child will need to improve their eyesight.

- represents myopia, or near-sightedness + represents hyperopia, or far-sightedness

CYL: Cylinder This is a measure of astigmatism. This simply means your child has less of a perfectly round eye and it can cause blurry vision at any distance. If you see a ‘+’ or ‘-’ in the CYL value, it is nothing to worry about, it simply means we need to perform a calculation for you that affects the SPH and AXIS.

AXIS If you have a CYL, then you will have an AXIS. This indicates the orientation of astigmatism and is measured in degrees from 1 to 180.

It is important to note that if there is no number in the column then that means that no correction is required. Also, other important details that may be listed on your child’s prescription are ADD, PRISM and PD (See below “Measuring your child’s PD”). We are able to assist with some ADD and PRISM requirements, however please contact us at for us to assist you further with any recommendations.

+My prescription has ADD, where do I enter it?
If your child’s prescription has...

If your child’s prescription has an ‘ADD’, this generally means they require a progressive or bifocal lens. However, in some cases this can be entered as a Single Vision Lens too. If your child ONLY wears their glasses for close up activities and takes them off for long distance, then you definitely can go for a single vision lens. In saying that, just check with your eye care health professional before getting in touch with us to place your order.

+What is a PD?
PD, or pupillary distance, is...

PD, or pupillary distance, is simply the distance between your child’s pupils. It is an important measurement that is used to customise their prescription lenses. If you have obtained a prescription for your child, it may be written on that document. Learn More >

+How do I measure my child’s pupillary distance (PD)?
If you have obtained a...

If you have obtained a prescription for your child, it may be written on that document. Alternatively, you can accurately measure your child’s PD at home using one of two different methods…


If your child already wears glasses a simple way to measure the PD is by marking a dot on their glasses with a non-permanent maker, and then measuring the distance between the two.

STEP 1: Position yourself at eye-level to your child. With your child looking straight ahead and their glasses on, cover one of their eyes with your hand and mark a dot on the glasses where their pupil is.

STEP 2: Repeat step one for the opposite eye, ensuring you cover the eye you are not measuring.

STEP 3: Taking a tape measure or ruler, measure the distance between the dots in millimetres. This is your child PD.

Helpful Hint: Repeat these steps a few times to ensure accuracy.


An alternate way to measure your child PD is using a ruler ensuring your covering each eye as you align the ruler with the pupil.

STEP 1: Standing at your child’s eye level, rest a ruler across your child’s brow line.

STEP 2: With your child looking straight ahead, line up the 0 with the centre of one of their pupils.

STEP 3: Record the number in the centre of their other pupil. This is their PD.

STEP 4: Repeat these steps a few times to ensure accuracy.

Glasses and Lenses

+What are augie frames made of?
Our frames are made of...

Our frames are made of Cellulose Acetate. Cellulose Acetate is an extruded material and contains raw materials, such as wood pulp, to make the most comfortable and safe material for children's glasses. A key benefit of Acetate is that it can be easily and safely heated and bent to adjust the fit if required.

+What kind of lenses are most suitable for my child?
We offer a number of...

We offer a number of choices for your child at different price points; however, we always recommend to parents to choose lenses that are the most safe and durable. Our premium and super premium lenses are made from polycarbonate that are thinner and more lightweight than standard lenses, as well as being UV resistant. Polycarbonate is also used for sports glasses, so they are ideal for safety when put to the test of an active child’s lifestyle.

+What is grinding? Do I need it?
Grinding is a technique that...

Grinding is a technique that is used to customise lenses to suit the needs of your child’s prescription. This process is also used to make the lens thinner to provide a strong fit in the frame of the glasses and can either be chosen or will automatically be assigned based on your child’s prescription.

+How do I clean and care for my child’s augie glasses?
Cleaning your augie frames and...

Cleaning your augie frames and lenses is very simple to do at home.

One option is to rinse them under lukewarm water, making sure the water is not too hot that the frames become distorted or too cold that they affect the coating of the lenses. Another option is to apply a small amount of simple dish soap (without any abrasive additives) to your hands and clean the glasses and lenses. Following this give the frames another rinse under water and dry them using our microfiber cloth provided. Finally, you can clean your child’s lenses using our all-natural lens cleaner and augie microfiber cloth. Simply spray each lens, inside and out and wipe clean with the cloth.

Please note that you should avoid cleaning your frames and lenses with harsh chemical, home remedies, or clothes that might damage the frame or lens.

+Do you offer multifocal or bifocal lenses?
At this stage we’re unable...

At this stage we’re unable to offer Bifocal or Progressive lenses online. Our recommendation would be to purchase our stylish frames only and then visit your local optometrist to have them fitted with the lens your child requires.

+Can I get my frames adjusted or fitted?
We are more than happy...

We are more than happy to assist you to adjust or fit your child’s frames. Please get in touch to make an appointment with our Sydney team by emailing

Health Funds

+Is augie a recognised provider with health funds?
Yes, we are a recognised...

Yes, we are a recognised provider with all major Australian health funds. This allows you to make annual claims against your child's policy and be reimbursed some of the cost in accordance with that policy. For further information and details about your policy please reach out to your private health insurer.

+How can I make a claim with my health fund?
We make the claiming process...

We make the claiming process as simple as possible by sending you an itemised invoice following your order confirmation. This can be used to make a claim with your health fund through their app, online or over the phone in line with their policies and processes.

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