Augie Eyewear Helping Eat Up Make 3400 Sandwiches For Hungry School Kids

Written by – Lana Arnold

According to Eat Up Australia, the latest statistics show that one in five kids go to school with no lunch.

Here's how we're helping...

Making Sanwiches...

It's hard to believe that in Australia the latest statistic show that 1 in 5 kids go to school with no lunch. Without a full tummy learning is compromised, affercting their ability to concentrate and thrive.

As parents, we know how hangry our own kids get and can't imagine what it's like for these kids who regularly turn up to school with no lunch.

Heartbreaking, but the good thing is that together we are making a difference....

For over a year now, we've been supporting the awesome tream at EatUp Australia, who delivery lunch to schools that need thier support.

When they asked if we could help out making sandwiches, we jumped at the chance.

Scott, Augie, Poppy and I got into the prodction line and helped the team make 3400 cheese sandwiches. These are then distributed to 180 schools around NSW, ready for a teacher to heat-up and serve to a hungry kid.



Purchase with augie and you’re helping feed the 1 in 8 hungry kids that go to school without lunch. Every pair sold buys lunch for two Aussie kids!

So a big thank you to all our customers who help us make a difference.

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