We’re making the kind of kids eyewear we couldn’t find. Here's why...

When my son Augie was almost 4 years old, we found ourselves on the hunt for a pair of prescription glasses. I remember working our way through the rows of kids glasses, trying to land on frames that looked juuuust right.
Unfortunately for Augie and his already developed low-key sense of style, we never found the perfect pair.
Instead, we found a pair that would do the job. I fixed an encouraging smile on my face as we walked out the door, but I admit, I was pretty gutted. I’d already started picturing him in his new glasses at school and playing with his friends. Would he be ok?
His little face was swamped by the frames we’d come away with – looking back now, I know they were definitely too big for him.
Around 18 months later, it was my daughter Poppy’s turn. This time, I took the search further afield and online.
My mission was to find classic frames that would not only perform, fit right and feel right but would also be the icing on the top of any outfit. The sort of frames I’d want to wear myself, to be honest. Having worn glasses from a young age myself, I knew how important it was for kids to be happy in their glasses.

I did a LOT of searching.

But with so few choices beyond the popular Disney glasses or plain blue/pink, we ended up having to buy two pairs – designer frames for ‘going out’ and another more robust pair for kindy.

Down at least $400 for the frames alone. Knowing I had at least 10 more years of going through this process again for both kids. And amazed no one else had thought of it before…the idea for augie eyewear bubbled to the surface.
I wasn’t exactly clear on the details, but after a couple of reconnaissance missions overseas, I knew what I needed to do. If I was going to help kids shine, I’d need to transition from frustrated consumer to kids optical eyewear designer and online business owner. Not a problem.*Gulp*
I set to work designing and looking for reputable manufacturers. Next, it was back and forth with sampling, choosing the best acetate, the right lenses, and adjusting fits. Augie and Poppy were our first ‘customers’, of course. They wore their samples with pride, and the compliments came in thick and fast.
So, in March 2020, we launched. The only other big thing happening at the time was the start of a global pandemic, so yeah, all good.
Fast forward to today, and the kids are still sporting their favourite augies. And little faces are lighting up all over the world as kids unbox their augie eyewear.
Yep, we’re sending frames from coast to cattle station in Australia, and overseas to Canada, the US, Germany, Taiwan – round of applause for technology and our virtual try-on filter.
Thank you for wondering about us!
I’m thrilled to be putting such cute classics in the hands of kids, no matter where they are or how they roll. I’m also loving the virtual high fives I’m getting from parents. Who knew we could find the perfect frames for our kids, prescription lenses and all, without having to leave the house?!
Smiles all round was the vision we had in mind. *Blush* looks like we’re making it happen. Here's to happy smiley kids, letting nothing hold them back.