Signs that your child might need glasses

If your child is struggling in school, after-school activities, or even hobbies that they enjoy with their friends and family, there is a chance that they have an undetected vision problem. 

The easiest way to see if your child is experiencing any vision issues is by watching them and looking out for some common symptoms;

  • Moving too close to the screen,

  • Losing their place while reading,

  • Rubbing their eyes,

  • Squinting or scrunching their face,

  • Tilting their head,

  • Finger pointing while reading,

  • Covering or shutting one eye to read or watch tv,

  • Light sensitivity (squinting and frequent headaches),

  • Frontal/brow headaches, or

  • Excessive tearing

    Please note that each of these may indicate different vision issues, however rather than self-diagnosis or speculation we recommend seeking a medical opinion first. You may also choose to see a doctor to conduct a check of your child’s general health and wellbeing before seeing an optometrist.


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