8 Awesome Halloween Ideas For Kids That Wear Glasses and Rock It.

Halloween may look a little different this year, the communal lolly bowl and  trick or treating might not be happening but the celebrating will be continued in any way it can, even if that means staying home and eating lollies while watching Hotel Transylvania, if 2020 has taught us anything its to adapt!

If you're looking for something beyond spooky witches and wizards, we've compiled a list Halloween costumes for kids that want to dress up and still rock their glasses! 

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Old Grannie or Grandpa.

Hilariously funny....! Shop our Teddy frames for a vintage touch. 


Mad Scientist

Seriously cute and super easy, grab dads old shirt and some chinos. Works well with our August  style.


Sophie From BFG. 

Match some PJ's with our Poppy Peach Puff glasses for the perfect Sophie. 


Harry Potter 

A classic halloween costume but never gets old!  Shop our Frankie style for the perfect Potter accessory. 


Clark Kent

Or Super Girl...!  Shop our Olive black frames to go wth this look! 


Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6.

Grab a yellow cardi and dress match with our Smith frames in Raspberry for a perfect Honey Lemon! 


Hippy Kid

Promote peace and love in our retro inspired Frankie frames in crystal clear. 


Thelma The Unicorn

She may not wear glasses, but she's covered in pink paint and glitter and if she did wear glasses we're certain it would be our  Olive Glasses in Pink Glitter

Stay safe this Halloween and be sure to check your state law for updates on local restrictions.  

Love augie xxx 


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