Measuring your child's PD


PD, or pupillary distance, is simply the distance between your child’s pupils. It is an important measurement that is used to customise their prescription lenses. If you have a prescription for your child, it may be written on that document. Alternatively, you can accurately measure your child’s PD at home using the below method, 

If you child has glasses already, then this is the easiest method. Grab a marker, and ruler with millimetres indicated. 

1. Get down on your child's level. 

2. Pop on their current glasses, and cover one eye.  Ask you child to look straight head while you mark a dot on the lenses, indicting where the pupil is. 

3. Repeat for the other eye. 

4. Take the glasses off and measure the distance between each dot in mm.  Most kids are between 45 - 65.  

5. Please repeat this a few times to ensure you're correct. 

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