What Age Should I Take My Child For An Eye Test

This week we introduced you to Jennie our Optometrist through our Instagram IGTV channel.

Jennie has been an Optometrist for around 11 years and will answer any questions that you have in regards to your kids eyes.


This week we asked Jennie, When is a good time to have your Child's eyes checked?

A common reaction I've noticed is how shocked parents are when they find out their child needs glasses.  Kids are fantastic at adapting and often they don't realise that they have a problem with their own vision, therefore don't report it and it goes un-diagnosed. 

According to The 2020 Vision index report by Optometry Australia 79% of Parents believe their kids have good eyesight and 32% of Parents haven't taken their child for an eye exam.  

Given how important our child vision is to their learning and overall thriving, having a routine check is vital while they are young.  Catching eye conditions early can often be treated and corrected with glasses over a short period of time.

When to get their eyes checked?

Jennie says, “If you don't notice any issues with their eyes, a routine eye check is recommended at age 3 to 4 and definitely before they start school.”

The year before starting school is a great time to make sure they’re eyes are working well to ensure they get the start to school they deserve. Children learn 80% through visual means and undiagnosed eye conditions contribute directly to their learning. It's likely that your child doesn't need glasses, but ensuring their vision is working well will help them along their way to a successful first year of school. 

Early intervention helps!

You know your child better than anyone else and early intervention help can make all the difference. “The most important thing to remember here is that if you notice any problems at all with their eyes, you must get it checked out. It doesn't matter how old they are if you notice a problem then you must get it checked.” says Jennie. 

Trust yourself and get a second opinion if you need to.  As mothers we really know when something is off and getting a second opinion can sometimes make all the difference.

Jennie also said ‘If anyone in the immediate family, parents or siblings that have any eye conditions or wear glasses it's a good idea to get them checked out early too.' 

Eye Screening Programs 

Most states across Australia have a screening program available to preschool age kids.  Screening programs are fantastic at picking up some vision conditions but unfortunately don't alway get everything, so having an eye exam at an optometrist is a thorough way to ensure you're getting the right results for your child and give them the chance to be their best selves. 

My experiences as a Mum. 

As a Mum, I saw a huge difference after my Son started wearing glasses.  Although he was still little, my ‘mum-instinct’ told me he wasn't progressing in the way I thought he should.  It wasn't really one particular thing that stood out to me, it was lots of little things I noticed over time that did make me wonder if he needed glasses.  

After he started wearing glasses I was shocked at the leap he took in confidence and progress he made in riding a bike and handwriting.  It was really clear to me that he needed those glasses and they were helping him thrive!

Have you noticed a difference in your child after wearing glasses?  Comment below and tell us your story. 

Do you have a question for Jennie?  Please comment below or feel free to email me directly; Lana@augieeyewear.com.au 

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