What Is Myopia? Can Myopia Be Cured Naturally?


Are you feeling overwhelmed after learning that your child needs glasses? It’s normal! We’ve heard from so many parents that find it a confusing and challenging process to navigate, especially when the news is so unexpected. But Augie Eyewear is here to guide you every step of the way. We want the selection process to be fun and enjoyable too. Today, we’re unpacking one of the most common questions we receive: What is Myopia?


What is Myopia?

Myopia is what most people refer to as shortsightedness.  So basically, it's when you can see objects near to you clearly, but objects further away are blurry.  Myopia is a growing problem around the world. It’s one of the most common eye conditions in people under 40, and some studies predict it will affect nearly half of the global population by 2050.


What Causes Myopia?

No one really understands the exact cause of Myopia yet, but the condition happens when the shape of your eye makes light rays bend incorrectly. These wonky light rays can’t come to a clear focus point on the retina, which is what makes the vision blurry.

 The condition usually begins in childhood when the eyeball grows too long, and researchers have found two key risk factors.



Scientists have found more than 150 genes that can cause Myopia. These genes usually don’t actually create the condition by themselves, but if someone has several of these genes, they have a much higher risk of becoming shortsighted. As genetics sometimes cause Myopia,  the condition can be passed down between generations, and children are more likely to suffer from Myopia if their parents do.


Focusing the Eye

Another big risk factor for Myopia is focusing the eyes up close for long periods, like when you’re reading or looking at the screen of a computer, tablet and smartphone. Although reading and using devices won’t cause the condition, people that carry specific genes may be more likely to suffer from shortsightedness after doing these things over time.



How do you know if your child has Myopia?

Myopia is usually detected during childhood and is commonly diagnosed in the early levels of school or up until teen years. A basic eye test is a simple and very effective way to determine if your child is suffering from the condition. Chances are the only symptom of this condition is the blurriness of objects in the distance, but there are a few other things you can look out for:


  • Squinting: Because myopia causes a person's distance vision to become blurry, squinting is a pretty common sign that they are becoming shortsighted. Squinting reduces the size of the opening that lets light enter the eye. This creates a “pinhole camera effect” which helps make distant objects a little clearer.
  • Headaches: Headaches are another common symptom of myopia, and are caused by the eye strain of trying to focus on objects in the distance.
  • Difficulty Seeing: Difficulty seeing while driving a car, especially at night can be an indicator. As your child probably isn’t behind the wheel yet, they could experience similar issues while riding their bike or playing sport. 


Can Myopia Be Cured Naturally?

Currently, there is no cure for nearsightedness. But there are proven methods that can be prescribed by an eye doctor. Early detection is very important too. If discovered early, myopia control measures can slow down the progression of the condition, which will minimise the impact in later years. Leaving myopia unmanaged can lead to some serious eye problems as your child gets older, including glaucoma and retinal detachment.

The simplest way to manage the symptoms of this condition is with prescription eyeglasses. Getting kids prescription eyewear can relieve headaches, eye strain and squinting. It’s important these glasses are comfortable so that your child can wear them at school or at home - and it helps if they’re stylish too!


Augie Eyewear

Augie Eye was created to help children express themselves through a range of stylish glasses online - while still enjoying the freedom that comes with being a kid. We want every child to feel comfortable and happy. We don't want Myopia to stop kids from being kids either! We're here to make the complicated process simple and hassle-free because we want your kids to love their glasses as much as our kids do.



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